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老外爆料:展会上我最讨厌这些行为!I Hate These Behaviors!
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Texting, mobile phone playing, nose picking, eating... These actions are in the eyes of buyers!


SparkMedia did a survey at an exhibition in Los Angeles before: What are the most annoying behaviors at the exhibition? Through interviews, it mainly includes the following 20 behaviors:




Friends with conditions can see the full video on YouTube:





The following are the most complained behaviors in the interview video:


1. Sleeping in the booth.


2. Texting.


3. Chewing gum while you are talking.


4. Somebody picking their nose.


5. Someone opening their bag and taking all of the tchotchkes and sweeping them into their back and walking away.


6. Not being open to new people.


7. Sitting back of the booth and not be engaged with the attendee.




8. Talking to each other and igoring the customers.



9. Sitting down, eating and reading a book.



10. I'm gonna say I hate sitting down with your back to the floor working on the laptop.


11. Talking to each other with their backs turned and not facing with people walking by you paid so much for the booth, they're sitting here, they're texing, they're talking.


12. I would say I hate breaking down early, because our show closes at 3:00, not 9:00 in the morning.


13. Sales going form one booth and dragging people over to another booth.


14. Poaching from other people's booth, so when you see people engage in conversation and I'm kind of walking away at that conversation.



15. Everybody on the their cellphones in the booth for sure.



16. On the phone with potential people going by, not good.


17. People texting with each other while they're in the booth ignoring the customers.


18. Not engaging with people that are here and around them, but looking at their phones or their Ipads. You know, you are in the exhibition, and have a face-to-face talk with customers is what you need to do.


19. I'd say one of the things I commonly see is that the exhibitors on their cellphones looking at board, and not present and I think that's one of the biggest mistakes, you should be trying to engage the attendees as they walk by, and start the conversation.


20. We're talking about business face to face. Customers want to do business with someone that they can speak to and have that interaction and you're not gonna get that by sitting in the back of the booth with your arms crossed not engaged.



What should we do at the exhibition?

1. smile:微笑



Smiling sales will make a good first impression on buyers.


2. Be enthusiastic:热情



Keep a warm and positive attitude. Getting up early, staying up late, and constantly entertaining regular customers and potential customers may be a little boring, but they are all needed to experience in the exhibition. What you should do is to actively communicate with every buyer.


3. Be on time:准时



Be ready to meet the attendees on time.


4. Get a good night's sleep:睡一个好觉



It's hard to attend the exhibition. Your body needs to recover from a long day's work. Don't lose a large number of customers due to lack of sleep or overwork.


5. Take a break:稍事休息



During the day, you must find time to rest, have lunch, stretch your legs and relax. This will allow you to recover.


6. Greet:问候语



Greeting is important when meeting  customers, which makes the buyer feel welcomed. Greetings each other is the first step in your sales, smile to meet them, then provide product information, communicate with the customer, and try to make a successful business.


7. Dress and grooming:服饰装扮



The choice of clothes at the exhibition largely reflects your personal and corporate image. Wear the right clothes, comfortable shoes, and in the choice of clothing, the last day of the exhibition is the most flexible, because you may have to complete the demolition work on the same day, but please do not ignore the external image because of this, maybe your potential customers are looking at you.


8. cell phone use:使用手机



At exhibitions, we sometimes need to use mobile phones to record some information, but at other times, it's better for salespeople not to use mobile phones all the time. Because when you make a phone call, your body language may inadvertently send out the message to interested buyers: I am busy and have no time to receive you. 



Please note that as long as it is on the show, it is important to make every customer who may walk into your booth feel welcome, so that the opportunity for the customer to place an order is more.


9. tidy stands:展架整洁



Many times, people come and go during the exhibition, making the booth far less tidy than the first day. Especially in the "office" area, countless documents, equipment, cups, drinks, garbage, etc., can make the booth look messy.


It is recommended that exhibitors prepare some boxes to store used but not discarded documents, equipment, etc.




Other suggestions from potential customers

1. Don't ignore prospects




Your job is to attract everyone who comes into your booth. Customers don't like to be ignored. So even if you are very busy, you should pay close attention to everyone who wants to communicate and tell them to come and receive them in a short time.


2. Don't underestimate prospects



For any exhibition, buyers may come from all over the world, representing different cultures and customs. Don't be confused by their appearance, especially don't look down on customers who dress casually.


3. What's in a name




You may not know the company brand of some buyers, but this does not mean that he is not an important buyer. Any potential customer may be a big customer. It is understood that there are many well-known retailers who deliberately take other people's brands because they don't want to be recognized.


4. Use the prospect's name



Try to remember the names of potential customers at the beginning, and then mention them in later communication, which will make the buyer feel very respected.



Have you ever seen the above 20 behaviors that buyers hate? Hope that the friends who are participating in the exhibition or are about to participate in the exhibition will try their best to avoid, and more customers will place orders!